Revolution Men


I won’t let you go yet –
Not before the Revolution is over.
While the dark streets are still dripping
Shadows of oppression and life-hate,
We will march side by side,
Finger on the cold trigger,
Always poised to take down any
Opposing force.
You should know the universe is against
Us: rebels for all ages.
It will not hesitate to tear into us,
To flagellate us and break our limbs,
To degrade the warrior in us.
God is not here.
It is only you and me –
And the despot who refuses to die!
He will be after me again.
He had released me to prove
He was the greater man, but
He will soon come to regret this
I will strike back twice as hard,
With sanctified silver bullets
And fighters with nothing to lose but
Their liberated souls.
You will be riding beside me,
Digging our spurs in to race
Against the hot wind of tyranny.
With my Springfield I would blast
His kingdom into oblivion.
Thunder! Thunder!
Down with the liar leader!
Once the dust settles and the dead are
A new world will rise
With me as ‘President for Life,’
And you as my lifesaver.
I will sound your name for seven years
And the people will know
Who you are,
Who I am,
Who we are –
Two iron hearts under one nation.
You may choose to leave me then but –
Consider this:
Being twin kings we could rewrite
The rules of civilisation and alter
The destiny of humanity and turn
The tides of nihilism and undo
The consequences of our history –
We would smash the old tablets and
Carve out new tenets for
The celebration of Passion:
The dawn of a new love religion is
In our hands –
So long as the sun sets each day
And the stars line up each night
To retell the fate of our ancestors.
Our people will know the past
Is not to be re-enacted.
Now is the beginning
And you and I will be the end of times.

But should we part one summer night –
All our hopes and reveries
Would retreat in silence into
The vast primordial woods of
Forgotten ages.
Green monsters would emerge then
With the sole intention of
Taking back what was theirs before
Any of us had the right to claim.
Because I would not hope,
Because I would not wish,
Because I would not dream of
This man’s power or that man’s gold –
All would give in to faithlessness
And I would lie down on feathered grass
With the long-dead war stallions still
Crying empty in my head.

23.9.16  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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