Safe from Harm


The bullets are flying again and we,
The fallen ones, are terrified of the wheezing
Heated air. Many of us are cowering
In the faceless dark, sobbing old fear,
Wishing with our united heart of faith
For the silencing of inhumanity.
Our hope is fading fast in the
Black amnesia of neither here nor there.
We’ve been stranded here too long,
And our memories of our loved ones
And the one-of-a-kind beauty of the life
Taken from us
Are seeping through the membrane of
Our spirit.
The dark is claiming us
We wish to leave this haunted ground
And return to the crying ones –
The fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and lovers
Who once believed they could keep us
Safe from harm
(But the world was more savage than they thought).
We wish to tell them we never meant to go
So soon,
But primeval hatred took us by force,
And now there’s no crossing over to the other side –
Where the bullets are still flying,
From hour to fatal hour,
In dreams of recurrent destruction and loss.

17.6.16  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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