Mad woman, we are going to lay you down now
On a raft of white rush and bamboo
Built to take you west, into the sun that dies
Each day for the sins of all prodigal sons.
The fireflies are out amber-dancing through
The misty air of expectancy.
The indigo of the water lilies calls forth
A thousand broken dreams now whole
Darkly glittering on the waterfront.
Mad woman, do not stir or resist,
For this rite is your destiny and the time
Has come for you to leave all of us
And go where there is neither dust nor pain.
The un-life of seventy odd years you have led
Will end as soon as the waves roll backward.
The bodhisattvas my friends have arrived.
Do you hear the eternal peace I hear
In the flawless nothing of their holy words?
The clouds have just parted to reveal Perseus
Swinging proudly with Medusa’s severed crown –
An auspicious omen on this night of
(All your ex-lovers are impotent limpets.)
Mad woman, we are going to exorcise you.
Back to the blackest hell, wicked temptress,
Murderess of love and humanity.
A lifetime of acrimony is more than enough
For any woman of sane mind.
So dust no more, sigh no more.
Your self-made prison walls
Will come down after tonight,
Giving you the mythical freedom you never
Dreamed of when you trapped yourself
In the charmed mirror of youth forever now.
(But I will always live in the cell of your mad design.)
‘Om mohi mohi maha mohi svaha
Damn you for this life damn you
Om mohi mohi maha mohi svaha
This pain everlasting is mine damn you
Om mohi mohi maha mohi svaha
Rancorous beauty on my skin damn you
Om mohi mohi maha mohi svaha
Nothing of this life you shall take with you
Om muni muni smara svaha.’

18.5.17  Singapore
Image: ‘Human Fetus’ by Marc Gosselin


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