All Rise! (for the New Age of Love)


There comes the sun after the cold sweat
Of the nether-night before.
Shrug off the worms and the bloodbats;
Brush off the contagion and the bile-hate;
Cleanse your private parts and your soul
Brilliant-white –
For this is the beginning of a fearless age
Sanctioned by mythical creatures of the sea.

Your destructiveness (words and bullets)
Will leave no trace on my new armor –
Carapace of heavenly steel fashioned by
The primeval gods of life and lust.
You will now have to renounce your
And embrace the absoluteness of my
New existence.
Witness and marvel!
The morning glory of my arrival.

I came from the Land of the Opaque Clouds,
Braving a savage night of storm intent on
Rending my good intentions.
But the magic powers of my inherited crown
Cut through the hellish dark and
Flattened the towering waves as dawn broke.
Then all was white shore gleaming wishful,
And the regal beast man-roared welcoming.
A sweeter invitation never before this hour of joy.
A greater hope never before this new Age of Love.

Know my name and I will be the healer
Of your lifelong pains;
Call my spirit and I will be the mender
Of your tattered dreams.
I am here to give you life unconditional,
Time exceptional.
Cast off all your doubts and rise
From the grey nothing of the years gone by.
Look ahead (with my prophetic eyes)
And see how the birds of paradise take flight
Into the soaring, rising blue.

30.4.17  Singapore


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