Night Train


On a night train heading home
From the mighty City of Angels,
My young father said I would now have
1001 tales to relay to my mates.
(The train choo-chooed in agreement.)
I reviewed the film reel of my imagination:
The throngs of humanity stirring chaos in the dens
Of sins and pleasures happy fools gorging on
Impermanent food in the presence of gold-faced
Buddhas beside the grey waters of the Chao Phraya
Smoke and fire rising from unstoppable lifeforce
Alien language indecipherable.
Breathless I stopped.
How could I preserve the mystery when my own body
Was rebelling against itself?
All would move beyond this point,
Unalterable unless
(I leant against the window and looked up)
I travelled at the speed of light towards
The W constellation with its Heart and Soul
And settled on the golden orb among the star people,
Telling them I wished to outlive the memories of me.

11.6.16  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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