The Invitation


Welcome to the island where dead loves are
In the cool shades of tropical fauna
Gifted by the migratory gods before sunrise.
A sweet spot in the forever sun
Ringed by azure waves rolling in out hypnotic.
Dreams are
The life after death truth of this destination
In Notime Nowhere.

We were once like you,
Soiled with tears and gritty memories
Of times marred by inevitable Fate.
We lost many to the Spinning Wheel,
Unable to make peace with our guilty shadows
For forty-three winters.
White pain in black deaths we had endured,
The yellow vision of fractured sunflowers
(End-of-times flames rising high)
Burnt itself into our weeping souls.
The dead scattered all over
Inhumanity, never to be recalled,
Not through biblical magic,
Not through technological advancement.

Then we left as the worms were still writhing,
Vowed never to return to Terrordome.
We flew many hours through war-torn air
To arrive on these pure white shores of
Monumental awakening.
See these blue waves that never judge?
They will kiss your ankles with all the affection
Born out of the immortal Spirit.
Across the pearl sands you will feel
Under your soles the persuasion of loving.
Hear the paramour breeze overhead,
The poetic sounds it whispers sexually
To the virgin birds in the coconut fronds,
Stirring dreams and longings to a soulful song.
Nearer to dusk the hot air in the heart
Sizzles amber needs.
We lie down body to sensual earth
Reaching for the hands of another.
Lemongrass on skin while the sun sets
Off the Cape of Infinity, sparkling orange
Like the quirky bird-of-paradise flower
That sings through the necessary sins of
The barhoppers and the halfboygirls,
Doused in clear alcohol,
Drifting on the funk of last century’s
(A tokay laughs hysterical somewhere in the dark.
‘Leo DiCaprio was here once
But he didn’t get as far as you!’)
We laugh-roll through the mad-ass muck
And head up to the Big Buddha
Sitting serene above the animal kingdom.
The dead loves are interned here,
Resting in green, without memories.
We come here to dream
Of ourselves outside of Time.
If you step inside and join us,
You, too, can begin to live.

8.4.16 – 16.4.16  Phuket, Thailand – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photo: Phromthep Cape, Southern Phuket


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