Ballad of the 21st-Century Lover


Ooh baby baby how I want you by my side
In my arms and in my bed
Ooh baby baby you’ve always been the one
In my heart and in my dreams
Ooh baby baby baby don’t you see
I only have eyes for you mi amor?
Ooh baby baby baby can’t you hear
Desire trembling eager in these words?
Ooh baby baby if you only knew
How long I’d waited for a mate like you.
Ooh baby baby this is only the first step
Towards a thousand starry dreams…

But there never seems to be enough time
In the city jungle of work money work.
The call of duty rings loud 24 hours.
Father mother sister own every piece of me.
The fast friends bee-swamp over me
Beer overflowing good times heady-ing.
The Mind reminds me of the years ahead.
Ambition must lead me to silver and gold.
Then I’d be the King of kings forevermore.
The future is fast car lux condo infinity pool.
My eyes see them for they’re already mine.
If there’s more time ooh baby baby
(And the call of duty was silenced)
Surely I’d now be by your side
In your arms and in your bed?

7.1.16  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Image:  Lover’s Dream (1935) by Federico Castellón


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