Now You See Me


Now you see me
Because I want you to.
This moment I’m sharing with you,
Along with my desires and fears.
I’m letting you into
The core of my subject,
The makings of Mr Valentino,
Bewitching your best senses,
Blurring the line of lust/love.
I’ll wear my smoothest smile,
Flex all the necessary muscles,
Say all the things you think you want to hear,
(Your trusted companion I’ll always be) –
And you’ll hear the love songs of yesteryear,
And imagine yourself a lovesick teen,
And tear down the walls around your soul,
And ask me to come on in.
You’ll fall all over again,
Allow yourself to believe
In the classic illusion of love.
Make no mistake –
It’s only a moment we’re sharing.
Despite the gravity of our feelings,
When this night ends at twelve,
And the sun begins its journey back
To the Great Disillusioned,
I’ll be gone.
Out of sight.
As if we’d never met.

13.1.16  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photo: James Franco


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