By the Sea


… I chance upon him again
– the teen boy of distant hazy days.
He asks me how I have been, what
Has transpired since I last saw him.
‘I’ve lost sight of many things,’ I say,
‘Irretrievable so disheartened am I.’
His wise eyes read my broken soul.
He asks me to kneel with him
On the white sand soggy to the touch.
‘Dig, my old friend,’ he instructs.
I do as he says but know not why.
‘Dig for time lost thought not to be redeemed;
Dig for the innocence of youth long tarnished;
Dig for love and promises bounteous;
Dig for faith in God beyond religion;
Dig for humanism that rarest of seashells;
Dig for peace and harmony deemed impossible;
Dig for Hope that powers seven galaxies.
And when you have retrieved these treasures,
Swallow them whole.’

18.12.15  Phuket, Thailand.


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